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Client Services

Our mission is to provide SAP implementers/users with highly skilled SAP specialists on a contract or permanent basis.

Are you looking for SAP specialists and is one of the following points applicable to you?
   -   You get candidates who do not meet your requirements
   -   Prices charged are not realistic
   -   You want a leading key provider of SAP specialists on a
       contract or permanent basis.
   -   Your current suppliers cannot fulfill your needs
   -   You get candidates with a doubtful tax status
   -   You seek individualised client attention

IT Mind can help out. How we work:

-   We maintain a database of appropriately qualified candidates whose skills, experience and ambitions are subject to rigorous scrutiny and quality control. Our aim is to build a fixed force of very experienced freelance consultants that we know and trust.

-   After careful consideration, all our candidates have an interview based on their curriculum vitae. Those who meet the client's requirements will have a second interview by an experienced SAP specialist. He will assess if the candidate has the knowledge required specifically for the assignment. Due to this two-fold selection procedure we are able to only forward the candidates best suited for the job.

-   We will only send you the candidates from who we are absolutely sure that they can do the job with 100% satisfaction

We at IT Mind view ourselves as a solid partner in a three-way co-operation with you, the client and our candidate. Our aim is to respond to your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this way we grow towards building a strong relationship with our clients and candidates. Every client is different but we all share a common goal: "to acquire the best human resource at the most competitive price".