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Partnership Services

Are you looking for an increase in income, no bookkeeping hassles and a preferred status within our organization? If so, we can offer you a partnership.

Qualities we are looking for:
    ·    Ambitious
    ·    Expert
    ·    Networker
    ·    Combination of sales and IT talent

If these qualities apply to you, we probably have a very interesting deal for you. Two kinds of partnerships are possible:

1) You continue working as you do at the moment. You have your own company and invoice your client. On top of this you are a sales representative from our firm. If you see possibilities for other contractors on projects you work on/know about, you inform us and we do the rest. We value this contribution very highly. Therefore, you receive in return:
    ·    A large share of the margin
    ·    A preferred status the moment we have new projects.

2) For a select group there is the possibility to become a full partner. You keep your own company but under the umbrella of IT Mind . We arrange for your bookkeeping, you have the highest preference status for new contracts, you take part in board meetings, you get a high bonus for successful initiatives, and a very good margin in the sales that you realize.

If you are interested in taking a new step and join our very successful formula, please don't hesitate to call us or fill in the inquiry form.